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 Tori Cruz-Falk
  Washington D.C.
  Major: International Studies
  I love the LEXengaged program because it allows us to be a part of the Lexington community beyond the campus and work creatively in our activism. My advice for incoming students is to take risks and do random things. There are so many opportunities here and a lot are free, so take advantage of the  resources that UK offers! And ALWAYS ask if there is a student discount!

Josh Kendrick II
Chicago, IL
Major: Gender and Women's Studies


Hi there friends! My name is Josh and I am currently majoring in Gender and Women's Studies. A lot of my interests align with social justice issues. I enjoy debating and I love being engaged in the community by doing things like service projects. LEXengaged has made Kentucky a second home to me by making me feel comfortable within the community. My few words of wisdom would be that you get what you put into LexEngaged. You can tell that those who have put in more effort, have received more out of it. Stay open minded and remember that the peer mentors are here to help you with anything that you may need! 





Arte'sia Payne-Watts
Louisville, KY
Kinesiology and International Studies

Hey! My name is Arte’sia Payne-Watts and I’m from Louisville, Ky. I am dual degree sophomore in Kinesiology and International Studies with a focus in Global Dynamics in Latin America. In my free time I enjoy crafts, painting, and sports. Being accepted into the LEXengaged program my freshman year was so exciting. I’m so glad I took the opportunity and it made my freshman year so much easier. Not only did I learn about the rich history of Lexington, I also met many people that are working to improve the lives of others in Lexington. LEXengaged also introduced me to some amazing friends that share the same interests as me. One piece of advice I’d give to my mentees is not be afraid to be yourself. This is a time to figure out your passions so don’t be afraid to try new things. Open up and connect with you LEXengaged peers, we are all alike is so many ways. 

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