Why LEXengaged?

Often college students arrive at a university with little to no knowledge about the larger community in which the university resides.  Maybe students know where stores or restaurants are in town that they like to go to frequently, but may not know who represents them on city council or are unaware of the pressing concerns facing the community and the University’s role in local issues.  This Living Learning Community will seek to remedy this situation.  Through course discussions, guest speakers, and off campus tours, students will obtain a better understanding of the larger community in which they live—Lexington—as well as develop a greater appreciation of the relationship between the University and the larger community.  Students will be integrated through volunteering where issues are present in the community.  Some examples include race and class, homelessness, hunger, and immigration.  Equipped with knowledge about the University and the city enables students to be actively engaged as citizens and participate in the University and, correspondingly, Lexington, positively.

Why should you join LEXengaged?

  • LEXengaged is a first-year residential program, located on UK’s north campus.  This way, you’ll be close to downtown Lexington. 
  • You’ll learn about community outreach while building relationships between your living-learning community, the University and Lexington.
  • Connected courses
  • Dedicated Faculty Directors
  • Guest speakers
  • Off campus tours
  • Close-knit community
  • Get to know other students who are also interested in service
  • Move in early and beat the rest of the University freshmen traffic
  • Get to know the campus and Lexington before classes begin.
  • Social activities to build friendships


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